Movable Type: New Open Source Plans

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According to recent announces Six Apart plans to open source their blog publishing platform Movable Type.

But until yesterday two main issues were not clear for the community:

  1. Updates to MTOS release time line. Initially it was planned for 2007 Q3, but it was clear, that there is some delay.

  2. Comparison of feature set between commercial and open source version.

After numerous requests to clarify the situation there was a comment from Six Apart employee which shed some light on their plans

Obviously at first there were plans to reduce feature set of the open source version. It was assumed, that MTOS will have "Base" feature set, while MT4 commercial (already released) "Base+More". We've already learned what "Base+More" is. It is really solid and high level feature set, including support for multiblog, OpenID, extended template language, etc.

And users were really anxious, what will be removed from Open Source?

As said in this comment current plans are: do not remove anything.

The feature set of MTOS will be that of MT4.0. There will be no feature in MT4 that will be removed from MTOS.

So MTOS is likely to be equivalent to MT4.01 commercial!

This is really good for open source community, but it raises questions for commercial users - what will be the benefit of purchased commercial version (apart from professional support)? Now it looks like new idea is not to remove anything from open source, but instead add something to commercial version!.

This can be concluded from information about release date:

The first release of MTOS will then be in December to coincide with the release of the next version of MT.

So in December MT4.01 will be released as open source, and at the same time there will be release of next version of MT.

Does that mean that in December we will see new commercial version of MT: something beyond MT4? Will see.

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Byrne Author Profile Page said:

Not only that, but it is possible that MTOS will not *just* be MT 4.01... I suppose that it could have even more features.

At the end of the day, we just couldn't in good conscious release anything that could be perceived as cripple-ware. And when we asked ourselves and our customers, "what do you want?" The answer was always MORE, not less.

But, for the time being, I will have to remain mysterious about what that extra something-something is... :)

z-master Author Profile Page said:

Thank you for information, Byrne! We keep waiting for MORE.

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